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Simplify company snack bar

Grab, scan, and efficiently manage snack inventory.
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Snack tracking app simplifies employee consumption, inventory management, and monthly charges.
Benefitů pro zaměstnance dnes není nikdy dost! Jak ale snack bar uchopit z právního a daňového hlediska? Předpokládáme, že Vaším účelem není na zaměstnancích vydělat (a tedy i u Vás bude platit příjmy = výdaje). Stejně jako poskytujete svým zaměstnancům jiné benefity ve formě stravenek, permanentek do fitness nebo vstupenek na kulturní události, a zaměstnanci si část ceny doplácejí, můžete poskytovat i dobroty přes snack bar. S každým zaměstnancem je nutné uzavřít dohodu o srážkách. Každý měsíc pak při vyplacení mzdy odečtete částku za zakoupené dobroty u každého zaměstnance. Celkový přehled, kdo si toho kolik zakoupil, naleznete přímo v aplikaci.

What you get?

Easily create a snack bar and configure it directly in the mobile app.
Quick purchase via mobile app.
Monthly transaction report for settlement between the snackbar administrator and its users.
An overview of your inventory.
User account status, credit top-up and debt overview.

For users

Install the GetSnack app

In order to use the GetSnack app, someone must invite you to the team snack bar. Accept the invitation, install the GetSnack app from the Appstore, sign up, and you can shop, eat, and drink.

Choose what you like and scan the barcode

No more running to the shops around the office when you're feeling peckish. Just take what you want, scan the barcode, and that's it.

Set up your payment method

If you're an employee, this doesn't apply to you. At the end of the month, all the goodies you’ve eaten will be deducted from your paycheck. If you are a member of the team, generate a QR code once a month, and use it to make a payment from your bank account.

And you're done

Enjoy your snack.
Try GetSnack Application

For snack bar managers

Manage what's in stock

Scan the barcode, enter the quantity, and it's listed. It doesn’t get any easier than that. You can find the current stock overview in the dashboard.

Find out who ate and drank what

The app shows you an overview of what any given person consumed. You also get a report for the payroll department or an overview of who owes what.

Stocktaking is necessary from time to time

Stock checks are simple with the GetSnack app. You grab the goods, scan the barcode, and enter the number of items. The app takes care of adjusting the stock automatically. At the end of the check, you will get a comprehensive report with the results.

Manage the goods

Any goods available in the snack bar must be listed first. Only then can you store and buy some. This is the purpose of goods management.
Try GetSnack Application

Connect Fridge App to Revolut

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2 months free

We're just launching, and that means not all GetSnack features are available. Do you still want to try it with us? Great, we're happy to hear that, and we're offering you four months of snackbar management for free.

What can GetSnack do for you today?

Create a snackbar with your own list of products.
Invite people to come in and shop at the snack bar.
You can generate a list of all transactions each month to help you sort out the financial side of your purchases.
Easier management of the product catalogue.
User administration improvements.
Clear reporting.
Possibility of stock management.
Multi-location inventory management.
Multi-admin features.

What do we plan for the future?

Point of Sales to offer snack to company visitors who are not registered into your snack bar.
And many other useful features.
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/ month
If you are smaller company or want to give GetSnack a try.
6 users
1 admin

For Teams

/ month
Ideal for a team of up to 20 users.
20 users
1 admin
Unlimited products

For Organisations

/ month
For smaller and larger companies with more than 20 mouths to feed.
Unlimited admins
Prices are without VAT

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